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Revolutionizing Teeth-brushing w/ AI

Oral-B's Genius X toothbrush is a wacky invention that takes electrical toothbrushes to the next level. Paired with a companion app, the AI offers a myriad of functions, including the amount of time users have brushed their teeth for, where they’re brushing, and the amount of pressure they’re putting on each area. With this data, it gives personalised feedback and makes clear which areas users have missed. Furthermore, users are given a percentage indicating how thoroughly they brushed their teeth. This data is stored each brush session and tracks progress, thus effectively encouraging users to improve their brushing habits. Regarding specifics of the product itself, it has a round brush head that removes 500% more plaque than a typical toothbrush, whilst also offering different settings (e.g. whitening, sensitive) so users can have flexibility in how they clean their individual teeth.

Although Oral-B is one of the first dental firms to invest in this specific product, AI in toothbrushes isn't completely new. Many electric toothbrushes have built-in timers and are integrated with other wacky technology as well!

Soon, AI might become part of one’s dentist trip too. For instance, a firm called Dentem utilizes machine learning APIs for AI assistance in dental imagery analysis, and have started developing an AI helper that works alongside the dentist by listening to their instructions. If a virtual assistant is successful, this could be of great benefit to time-savings.

All in all, the amalgamation of technology and dentistry is ever evolving. In a couple of years time, maybe AI-fuelled toothbrushes will become the new standard :)


Written by Amanda Y


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