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Sophia's Sister

Sophia, a chatbot created in 2016, sparked immense discussion regarding how she would be able to contribute towards social change in different fields. Now, Sophia has a sister who is designed for healthcare applications: Grace.

Founded by David Hanson, Grace functions to help the elderly during COVID-19, bolstered by her similarity to a healthcare professional. Hanson strongly believes that people’s innate desire for human face-to-face interaction can be met by Grace’s human-like features. She is dressed in a nurse’s uniform, equipped with a thermal camera to measure a patient’s temperature, and includes built-in AI to diagnose them. Furthermore, she provides talk therapy, speaks three languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, English), and can replicate expressions using almost 50 facial muscles.

The current goal is to mass produce Grace by the end of August 2021, distributing the robot internationally. This way, the costs of production and price passed on to consumers will fall overtime.

If she is successful, Grace will be of essential use in addressing the shortage of health cadres amid the pandemic, all the while uplifting the spirits of the elderly.


Written by Amanda Y


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