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Technology in the Classroom: Unique Ways to Integrate Tech

Many of us would agree that technology has played a prominent role in revolutionising our education. Rather than distracting students, countless reports have shown the positive effects of technology in the classroom. Therefore, as volunteers, it’s important for us to improve access to technology and reduce educational inequality, especially for schools who aren’t properly equipped with the necessary resources or funding.

Fundamentally, engagement levels can be improved by using technology in a creative manner. Here are a few ways teachers across the world has created an enriched learning environment:

Multimedia Lessons

Most significantly, technology has brought on an influx of digital software which teachers have since used to create engaging lessons. For instance, many teachers use slideshows and presentations to facilitate their teaching as well as to provide notes. Visual effects and music brings life to the presentation, and inviting virtual guests via conference calls is another way teachers can use technology to keep things fun in the classroom.

Gamified Learning

Such technologies are often looked down upon, however, it’s undoubtedly one of the most engaging methods of learning. There are multiple ways gamified learning can be implemented – the most notable being using a learning software like Quizlet Live and Kahoot to make students compete and challenge their knowledge. Moreover, more simple games like a word search or virtual scavenger hunt are also known to teach students effectively.

Using Digital Tools

Digital tools can be used as a unique way to highlight creative talents while making the learning process more fun and interactive for students. For example, students can make posters, digital art, eBooks, blogs, and other forms of media in order to communicate their ideas. Additionally, teachers can use educational resources like Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to improve communication, post due dates, and connect with students on a more personal level.

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Written by Nichapatr (Petch) Lomtakul


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